Getting Started
VueFormGenerator is a schema-based form generator component for Vue.js
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  • multiple objects editing
  • core & full bundles
  • 21+ field types
  • grouping fields
  • built-in validators
  • Bootstrap friendly templates
  • customizable styles
  • extendable with custom fields
  • ...etc

VueFormGenerator supports custom fields. If you decide to release your custom field into the wild, please open a new issue so we can add you to a list here! Please try to use this naming convention for your custom field : vfg-field-* Example :
  • vfg-field-myfield
  • vfg-field-calendar
  • vfg-field-awesome-dropdown
This way, it will be easier for everyone to find it. Thank you!

vue-form-generator is available under the MIT license.

Copyright (C) 2016 Icebob
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